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Simple Tips on How to Hire a DJ for a Party

on September 29, 2014

Music can break it or make it when it comes to events. We need to be meticulous in hiring a DJ who will handle the party music for the whole event.  In search for professional disc jockey, wedding dj perth provides great selection of music for everyone. Finding the right disc jockey is vital to any event or occasion, hiring the wrong one can ruin everything. One of the most popular forms of entertainment nowadays is hiring a disc jockey. A DJ plays different kinds of music ranging from hip-hop, pop, and electronic music, mixed with techno rap among other things. It is important to hire a DJ who will give you good music, fun and excitement, if you are planning an event. People usually choose DJs because it’s simpler than dealing with a band. Here are some of few steps in hiring a DJ for a party.

Discoball DJ Hire

1.         Ask for referrals. Some disc jockeys promote themselves in music magazines and via internet, it’s better to speak to someone who has the experienced a DJ’s performance personally before hiring the entertainer. You can have an up-to-date list of popular DJs for hire from wedding vendors and dance clubs.

2.         It is better to interview the disc jockeys and ask them at least 3 important questions. Ask questions that will determine his experience, cost, setup time, and musical selection process.

3.            Attend one of the DJ’s events. Check out the performance of your three choices. Observe the crowd interaction, the DJ’s attire, level of professionalism and overall performance. Check the variety of music that the DJ plays. It is better to hire a disc hockey with a big musical library.

4.         Check out the equipments. Their equipment is absolutely the most important thing to look for in choosing your disc jockey, aside from experience, professionalism and the right qualities. Ask about the quality and status of the equipment your DJ will be using and make sure that it is of professional quality and in a good working condition. Ensure that the disc jockey can handle any technical or equipment problems that may occur during the course of the event and preferably they should provide some back up equipment on hand in case of breakdown.

5.         Make a schedule with the DJ several months before the date of your party.

6.         Discuss disc jockey fees, and provide a signed a contract. Finalize the schedule of the event and venue requirement needs.

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